Shop cruelty-free.

Tribe works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to help you shop cruelty-free on Amazon.

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Learn about company practices.

Want to support cruelty-free companies? Or small businesses? Pick your issues, and Tribe instantly tells you if a company aligns with your values when you shop online.

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Discover alternative products.

Product recommendations give you the option to purchase from companies that align with your values and avoid the ones that don’t.

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Track the impact.

As Tribe grows, we’ll share reports on the impact you’ve made.

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About us.

Tribe was started by a group of friends with backgrounds in tech, marketing, and social impact who were tired of learning about harmful business practices after we had made a purchase.

Americans spend trillions of dollars on consumer goods each year. We have more power than we realize. When one person changes how they shop, they make a dent. If all of us change how we shop, we create a mass movement.

So Tribe developed a platform that makes it easy to learn, shop your conscience, and let companies know how their practices are impacting their profits.