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Want to support small businesses? Or cruelty-free companies? Pick your issues, and Tribe instantly tells you if a company aligns with your values when you shop online.

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Product recommendations give you the option to purchase from companies that align with your values and avoid the ones that don’t.

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About us.

Tribe was founded by activist Kim Pieper in 2017 to help consumers shop socially responsibly online. Pieper originally hails from a small town in Iowa where all shopping was done at local neighborhood stores.

During college, Pieper felt called to do more for her community and traded in her work boots for tennis shoes, knocking on doors and coordinating volunteers as a local organizer. She soon realized technology could power a new avenue of connection, and founded a digital marketing agency to help organizations communicate and foster community online.

As technology evolved, Pieper felt the opportunity for connection was starting to turn into a disconnect, as mass marketing and disinformation made it hard to tell just what you were supporting when you got online.

She then founded Tribe to bridge the gap between the products we purchase and the impact those goods have on our communities. Americans spend trillions of dollars on consumer goods each year. When one person changes the way they shop, they make a dent. If all of us change the way we shop, we create a mass movement.